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Solid Perimeter Security Solutions
"Solid Says It All"

Providing safe, effective, and efficient solutions for all your perimeter security needs. 

"Our Main Focus Is To Provide Unsurpassed Customer Service And Appreciation."

-Thomas O'Brien  - Owner

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What is Solid Security?

Solid Security specializes in Non Lethal Perimeter Security protecting property and tangible assets.  Using the latest, highest rated products and certified installation in fencing, alarms and cameras with system redundancy and software that works with 100% up times and the most user friendly systems in the industry. With years of security knowledge we make your security our top priority rain, snow or heat, 24/7 your going to be secure when you choose Solid Security.

Why choose Solid Security?

Solid Says It All. Our company's reputation is built on a foundation of trust. Our knowledgeable team works to secure your property and assets with top shelf, high rated industry products and certified installation you can rely on. We continue our commitment after installation with customer service that is the highest rated customer satisfaction in the industry. We stand behind you with superior products, reliable software and quick response whenever you need us. 

Solid Security Awards and Recognitions

We Specialize in installing and servicing Gallagher Alarm-Monitored Security Fence Throughout All of North America.

Solid Security was founded in early 2011, based out of St Augustine, Florida; Operating with a combined 25 years experience in the field.

Every year Solid Security has been awarded "Top Channel Partner in Sales and Service."

Solid Security is a Certified Channel Partner with Gallagher Security and utilizes only trained certified personnel for all Service and Installations.

Solid Security is also certified to sell and service many other security systems.  We are always training our team in the newest technologies to bring forth a better product.

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